To request grant funding from the West Valley Schools Foundation (WVSF) please follow the three steps listed below.

Step 1: Complete the West Valley Schools Foundation Grant Application

  • Make sure your Principal or Program Director approves and signs off on your Grant Application

Step 2: Submit Documents:

          Grant Applications may be submitted via email, mail or fax to the Grants Allocation Committee

  • Email: grants@wvschoolsfoundation.org

  • Mail: West Valley Schools Foundation, 4301 Tieton Dr., Yakima, WA, 98908

  • Fax: 509-895-7015


  • To allow for adequate review, please submit grant applications at least two months prior the event deadline.

  • During the school year, the Grant Allocations Committee meets regularly to review requests. The Committee then submits funding recommendations to the Board of Directors for final review.

  • As a general rule, grant applications must be received by the 5th day of the month to be considered in that month. Due to our desire to be responsive to students’ needs, however, the Committee may consider requests requiring a shorter response time.



  • WVSF cannot provide funding for salaries (including substitute teachers).

  • Field Trips: WVSF may fund West Valley School District (WVSD) approved field trips. Field trip grant applications must include an approved WVSD Field Trip form.

  • Our fundraising efforts are continuous. While funds may not be available when your initial request is received, through our fundraising efforts, full or partial funding may be possible at a later time. It is essential that you give us the start date of your program, event or project with as much lead-time as possible.

  • WVSF will notify all grant applicants regarding the results of their application. If funds are approved, WVSF will also notify the WVSD Central Administration financial office. Grant funds are disbursed through the WVSD Central Administration financial office.  ​