The​ mission of the West Valley Schools Foundation is to enhance educational opportunities and experience for all students of the West Valley School District by raising money to fund programs, projects, materials, and activities that benefit students of West Valley School District, and that are beyond the scope or ability of the West Valley School District. 

​The West Valley Schools Foundation (WVSF) was founded in 2012 by a group of community members who were interested in trying to help bridge the gap between the funding available to the West Valley School District and the needs of the District's students and teachers.  The founding board members incorporated WVSF as a Washington non-profit corporation, and in September of 2013, the IRS granted WVSF’s 501(c)(3) application.  

With 8 board members and several volunteers, including West Valley teachers and administrators, the first fundraiser, "An Evening in the Orchard" took place at Johnson Orchards on September 14, 2013.  The inaugural fundraising event brought in approximately $14,000.00 in donations from community members, board members, and West Valley School District employees.  WVSF’s first grant–paid with funds raised at “An Evening in the Orchard”–went to the West Valley Middle and Junior High Schools for the purchase of new salmon tanks and salmon tank accessories for use in Middle School and Junior High science classes.  Additional funds are donated to WVSF each month from West Valley School District employees in the form of automatic paycheck withdrawals.  

With a committed board and a bright future, WVSF looks forward to raising funds and enhancing the educational opportunities and experiences for the students of the West Valley School District.

WVSF Board Of Directors
The West Valley Schools Foundation Board of Directors manages all affairs, property, and interests of the West Valley Schools Foundation. The voting members of the Board of Directors serve for a term of three years and until their successors have been elected and qualified. Board members may serve two consecutive terms. Current board members are:  ​Tyler Hinckley (President), Brian Cheeseman, Cori Hammermeister, Kyla Garcia, Sarah Littleton, David Therrien-Power, Ashley Kennedy, Jessalynn Jones, Mandy Kent, Pam Beauvais, and Kristen Patton.


The West Valley Schools Foundation is proud to partner with West Valley Citizens for Better Schools, in an effort to enhance and improve the educational experience for West Valley students.